Getting ISO 14001-ISO 9001 Baltimore MD-ISO PROS#25

Getting ISO 14001 Certified in Baltimore, Maryland (MD)

Industries are facing a variety of environmental challenges these days. Beginning with the Montreal Protocol, and the phasing out of ozone-depleting chemicals and associated initiatives. In the last few years, aggressive targets have been set by new environmental laws that have placed a greater focus on successfully addressing these risks, which need to be accomplished globally. It was for these purposes that the international environmental standard ISO 14001 was developed.

Standards apply enormously to certain facets of everyone’s lives — although this impact may also be unnoticed. The significance of this is brought to light in the absence of controls. For starters, as consumers or users of products, we quickly find they are defective or even harmful when they are of low quality; yet when products reach our expectations, then we do tend to take them for granted.

International Organization for Standardization ( ISO) is still the biggest provider of standards in the world, with considerable social and economic impact, though more of a technical nature.

Getting ISO 14001-ISO 9001 Baltimore MD-ISO PROS#25

The Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 allows for a generic EMS to be established by an international consensus process which is the only certification standard allowed for. It isn’t intended as a specific performance standard or a product standard. With ISO 14001, it reflects a move towards employee involvement and constructive management in determining responsibilities from the ground up when contributing to the environmental policies of an organization – those that require top management attention, funding, and exposure.

ISO 14001 is a comprehensive structure compared with the ISO 9001 QMS model of 10 years ago which includes core elements needed for managing an organization’s activities and processes. This defines essential aspects that the company should manage, and those that it can have the influence to affect. It essentially allows an organization to declare what it is doing in environmental management and makes sure that it does what it says.

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a structure and set of processes that are designed to help companies achieve their sustainability targets and regulatory requirements cost-effectively. An EMS credential is largely voluntary and will demonstrate legitimacy and strengthen an organization’s contribution to its environmental obligations. ISO 14001:2015, an internationally agreed standard is typically integrated with other quality management frameworks like ISO 9001.

Here are two main advantages of having an ISO 14001:2015 certified EMS:

Improved effect on environmental performance

The biggest benefit of being an ISO 14001 certified company, means that you have excellent environmental quality and corporate citizenship.

Reduces waste generation

Emissions, effluent, and wastewater control are strong signs of the company having a beneficial effect on the atmosphere by avoiding runoff and degradation from either cause. To that end, environmental resources, including air and water, soil, and valuable minerals, are conserved.

Meeting legislative and other requirements

A strategic approach can demonstrate adherence to existing and future policy and operational requirements. It often contributes to reducing liability and penalties for prosecution.


Being ISO 14001:2015 certified helps to deliver financial benefits, build better relationships with stakeholders, expand to various markets, and improve the reputation of businesses. Many businesses with a large environmental effect, may potentially only partner with organizations that have EMS accredited structures.